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At Lankotheory we are
Committed to excellence

Direct Admission
Direct entry admission is easier and faster, at Lanko theory we offer all direct entry programmes.
Cost effective programmes
Our Advanced Learning institute runs cost-effective Programmes for students at all levels.

One of the best
Learning Institutes

We have one of the best learning centers all over Nigeria.
Our hostels are well furnished and of standards, we provide a serene environment for learning.

We produce
The best graduates

Expert Tutors
We maintain a high standard of teaching across all our study centers.
Quality Learning
We provide quality learning materials for our students at all levels.

Lanktheory Educational Services is a foremost advanced learing institute in Nigeria that prepares student for Direct Entry Admission and other programmes.


Contact the Registrar

If you would like to enroll your child on any of our programmes, but want more enquiry, contact us.

    Committed to


    IJMB A'Level

    Register for IJMB 2020/2021 and gain admission into 200L without JAMB. Form closing soon.


    JUPEB A'Level

    Register for the 2020 JUPEB and Gain Admission into 200L in any University of your Choice.


    JAMB Classes

    We provide physical and online tutorial classes for you, to better prepare you for your Jamb examinations.



    Get prepped for, WAEC, NECO and GCE by attending our Classes

    Advanced Level
    Learning Institute

    We help our students secure Admission into any University of their choice.


    Past Students

    We have helped a lot of students secure Admission for over a decade, we still do it and we continue to produce the best graduating students in all Nigerian tertiary institution.

    Our Study Center is known for remarkable success

    Think of it this way, at our learning institute, there is no going back, we will make sure that you are admitted to any course and institution of your choice.

    Conducive Learning Environment

    We have one of the learning facilities, our hostels are well furnished and learning classroom are of high standards.

    Scholarship & Awards for best students

    On a yearly basis, we give awards and scholarships to the best students, for encouragement and support in their academic pursuit.


    Make enquiry about

    Are you a parent or a student? Do you want to know more about why your children, siblings or yourself (student) should enroll for IJMB or JUPEB programme? It is one of the fastest and easiet means to gain admission into the University for more information, contact us.

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      Admission to University of Ilorin
      You can gain admission to the University of Ilorin, 200 Level through our A'level programmes.
      Admission to University of Lagos
      You can gain admission to the University of Lagos, 200 Level through our A'level programmes.
      Admission to University of Calabar
      You can gain admission to the University of Calabar, 200 Level through our A'level programmes.
      Admission to Ahmadu Bello University
      You can gain admission to Ahmadu Bello University, 200 Level through our A'level programmes.
      Admission to Kwara state University
      You can gain admisson to Kwara state University, 200 Level through our A'level programmes.
      Admission to Obafemi Awolowo Univesity
      You can gain Admission to Obafemi Awolowo Univesity, 200 Level through our A'level programmes.
      Admission to University of Benin
      You can gain Admission to University of Benin, 200 Level through our A'level programmes.
      You can also gain Admission to every other Schools
      IJMB and Jupeb results are everlasting so you can use it to gain admission anytime to any school of your choice.

      Admission Survey

      Our Admission Survey is a tool used by aspirants to assess their admission chances, looking at ready or awaiting qualifications, we can help you examine all areas of weakness and what you are required to do, for admission assurance.

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      +234 803 829 5398
      Call us Anytime 24/7
      University Road Oke Ode Close to Item 7 Tanke Rd, Ilorin
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      Copyright 2020 by Lankotheory Tech. All rights reserved.

      Copyright 2020 by Lankotheory Tech. All rights reserved.

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